Script that works in Windows and Linux

There is no neat distinction between operating system software and the software that runs on top of it (c) Jim Allchin

When you work with computers that run different operating systems, such as Linux and Windows, then you probably have some similar tasks you execute in both of them. And for each operating system you write a separate script. Or may be you write programs in Java and for each operating system you have a script to set up an environment (sh-script or cmd-script). If you need to do basically the same in Windows and in Linux, you can write only one script, that will work in both operating systems. [Read More]

Docker: Stop using it the wrong way. Part 3.

If this is a coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea then please bring me some coffee (c) Abraham Lincoln

That’s right! It’s time to look at how to build a Docker container for a Java application. As you know, programs written in Java are compiled to byte-code which is translated by Java Virtual Machine (JVM). To make it possible to run some small application written in Java you have to have the whole Java runtime environment. Let’s create a Docker container with Java 8 and look at how we can actually reduce its size. [Read More]
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Docker: Stop using it the wrong way. Part 2.

A grownup is a child with layers on. (c) Woody Harrelson

Layers is a very important subject when it comes to Docker images. We will create a docker container image built in a “traditional” way and then we will try to make it smaller. Let’s make a container that runs a webserver. Nginx is a good option to start with. It’s small, fast, it has a lot of modules, very flexible in terms of settings and well-documented, therefore I strongly recommend to get yourself familiar with it if you are still not. [Read More]

Docker: Stop using it the wrong way. Part 1.

If you're gonna do it, do it right (c) Wham!

Yes, that’s right. Most likely if you use docker you do it the wrong way. The majority of people who try to use it start using it without bothering to understand, what is this all about, how it works and actually how it supposed to work. If it works for you and you are happy about it then it’s OK, keep doing it. If you want to know a little bit more about it and understand how to actually use it properly, I have something to tell you about it. [Read More]

Hello world!

It has begun (c) Mortal Combat

Hi there! I just started a new blog. And I dedicate it to situations when testing gets nasty. What does it mean? I have a good example. Imagine that developers tell you: “Hey, mate, this new project will be awesome! We have huge plans! New services, new technologies, and we need a high quality product!”. And you think: “Aaah, man, how am I supposed to test all this stuff?”. Yeah, things are getting tough… You have a lot of question and it will take some time to find answers. [Read More]